Pallets In Shipping

Pallets are flat structures utilized in cargo container ships for supporting goods or containers. Cargo consignments are loaded and stacked atop these structures, with the process being referred to as palletizing.


Most freight shipping items require palletization. Pallets are important, first and foremost, because they help protect your cargo.

It’s important to palletize your freight for several reasons:

  • Pallets protect your shipment during transit, loading and unloading
  • Pallets make loading and unloading faster and easier for the carrier
  • Pallets allow carriers to maximize space inside the trailer
  • The process helps in easy handling and storage of goods on ships.

To prevent any unwanted movement, it’s important to secure your cargo to the pallet and test it to make sure your item(s) are properly balanced and securely in place. The two recommended methods for securing items to a pallet are strapping and shrink wrapping.

Shipping Pallets

There are various aspects to shipping pallets. Since they form an important cog in the maritime industry, several norms and measures have been established by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardization).

Pallet sizes matter hugely while loading on palletized cargo ships as depending on the nature of the cargo, the optimal sized pallet is utilised to support the cargo consignments. (This is discussed separately on other posts on the types of common sizes)

Alongside the sizing of the pallet structures, the material used to build the structures also becomes important. Utilization of inferior materials could result in detrimental shipping, which would affect the credibility of the shipper and the consignor.

–          The most ordinarily used material for shipping pallets is wood. There however are various regulations that need to be addressed before a wooden pallet is approved primarily to prevent the attracting of contagion

–          Apart from wooden pallets, plastic pallets are the fastest growing type in addition to other materials such as steel or paper based pallets.


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